Loose Leaf Tea Jasmin Imperial Organic
  • Loose Leaf Tea Jasmin Imperial Organic

Jasmin Imperial Natural

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A special blend of our top graded green loose leaf teas bringing in your cup a delicious aroma of jasmine, encouraging a mood of relaxation, focus and concentration and providing, as research shows, the positive impact on liver, breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. These tea varieties have also shown to be anti-inflammatory, which helps keep your skin clear and glowing.

How to prepare:

quantity: 12 - 15 g/l (approx. 3g per cup)

temperature: 75 - 80 C

brewing time: 2 to 3 minutes

Multiple infusion: This tea can be infused 2 times depending on the time of first steep

Food pairing: Delicious on it's own but compliments very well with mooncake, macaroons and friut pies. You can try it to offset the intense heat after a hot and spicy food


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Ingredients: Green Tea China Jasmin (69%), Pai Mu Tan, China Jasmine Silverneedle (3%), China Jasmine Dragon Pearls (2%).

Green tea is exceptionally high in flavonoids that can help boost your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and reducing blood clotting. Studies show this type of tea can also help lower blood pressure, triglycerides and total cholesterol


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Jasmin Imperial Natural


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