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Baby time 9 months Natural
Lavander is well known as one of the best, mildest, gentlest, and safe for babies and kids. Rose...
€4.00 Price
Mate Grenade Natural
Pomegranate taste. If you are looking for an energy booster and the right kick in the morning look no...
€5.00 Price
Lemongrass Natural
Lemongrass might help prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast. It also contains substances...
€3.00 Price
Power Oasis Natural
Mate blood orange taste combining the health benefits of mate, rooibos and marigold. This highly...
€4.00 Price
Men Tea Special Natural
A complex mix of ingredients of top quality that could help fight inflammation. A natural pain relief,...
€4.00 Price
Rooibos Long Cut Natural
Great alternative for those looking to move away from caffeinated tea or coffee. High in antioxidants...
€3.50 Price
Premium Xylitol - Finland - Finnish 1 kg
If you're looking to limit your sugar intake, consider the low-calorie sweetener called xylitol. It...
€14.90 Price
Ashwagandha Powder Natural
Ashwagandha powder (also called Indian ginseng) is made from the roots of the ashwagandha plant...
€5.50 Price

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    • black-tea
      Irish Breakfast broken
      The base of the Irish breakfast tea is a strong black Assam tea from India that is well known for its...
      €3.00 Price
      Also called medicinal mint. Peppermint increases the amount of gastric juice, which improves the...
      €3.50 Price
    • blends
      Blue Earl Grey Natural
      In a new study, the researchers at NIC (National Cancer Institute) found that people who consumed two...
      €4.00 Price
      Lucid Dreaming Tea Blend Blue Lotus Passion Flower Calea Zacatechichi WhiteLotus
      Artisanal natural herbal tea blend  that can help you achieve more vivid and lucid dreams as well as...
      €8.00 Price
    • black-tea
      Sewpur Assam Second Flush TGFOP Natural
      This Assam Sewpur black tea is rich in flavors, the bright copper-tinted infusion is full-bodied with...
      €4.00 Price
      Tea Egg ball
      Tea filter for steeping loose tea. Is made of stainless steel with mesh so that the smaller particles...
      €5.00 Price
    • green-tea
      Japan Ceremonial Matcha "Hisui" Natural
      Drinking matcha every day results in a noticeable mood boost, optimized all-day energy, and potential...
      €8.50 Price
      China Jasmine High Grade JinJing Natural
      In northern China, a cup of this pleasant concoction is a symbol of hospitality, and it is...
      €6.00 Price
    • black-tea
      Russian Blend Natural
      This loose leaf tea combines the fruity aroma of a top grade Darjeelilng, with the rich malty flavor...
      €3.50 Price
      Matcha´n Shake Japan Organic 200g
      Organic Green Tea Japan is at the base of this mix For all Matcha drinks lovers, having your matcha...
      €30.80 Price
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