Lucid Dreaming Loose Leaf House Blend
  • Lucid Dreaming Loose Leaf House Blend

Lucid Dreaming Tea Blend Blue Lotus Passion Flower Calea Zacatechichi WhiteLotus

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Artisanal natural herbal tea blend  that can help you achieve more vivid and lucid dreams as well as having a more deep and restful sleep

It promotes calm feelings throughout different body systems as well as in the mind and brain. For best results consume regularly and drink before bed-time

ATTENTION! Dream-inducing herbs are inherently bitter. The stronger you brew the tea, the more bitter it will taste, but also the stronger the effects will be. We tried to make this blend a little more personal and added our own touch to this loose leaf tea.

Enjoy, relax, and.... sweet dreams

How to prepare:

quantity: 1 tsp per cup

temperature: 100 C

brewing time: 10 minutes

Multiple infusion: no

Sugestion: Try it with a spoon of condensed milk


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Ingredients: Blue lotus, white lotus, calea Zacatechichi, Passion Flower, Black Tea Assam, -South India, natural flavouring (bergamot), cornflower blue.


- Blue Lotus:

Blue lotus, or blue lily, is a water plant that sets its roots in the mud at the bottom of ponds, and they bloom from spring throughout summer in the warmer areas of the world. This flower was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and it was used for its consciousness expanding properties. It is nowadays still acknowledged for its general beneficial effects on the body and mind. This flower can promote vivid dreams and acts as an aphrodisiac. It also has relaxing and mood uplifting properties as it works on dopamine receptors, one of the feel-good hormones. Blue lotus is a natural analgesic and can thus help with relieving pain in the body, and is also an anti-diuretic and anti-diabetic. It can also work well for women's health, as it can soothe painful period cramps and regulate heavy blood flow. Last but not least, it is a great anti-inflammatory and promotes liver health as it can help with fatty liver and cholesterol levels.

- White lotus: Also known as dotleaf water lily, it has many healing and spiritual benefits. It is an astringent, antiseptic, anesthetic, sedative and also an aphrodisiac herb. It can help with congestion and can also soothe the nervous system. White lotus tea can help relax the body and therefore also help with insomnia and promote restful sleep. White lotus, similarly to its popular counterpart blue lotus, can also induce feelings of euphoria and positive states of mind.White lotus specifically symbolizes peace and purity, and symbolizes the astounding ability of this flower to blossom in all its beauty from the thickest and dirtiest of mud. Further it has broadly been used in Hindu culture and religion, and has often been associated with the Goddess Lakshmi. It also represents the awakening of the mind and spirituality, connection with the divine and goodness.

- Passion Flower

Passion Flower plant is a vine that is native to Asia, New Zealand, Australia and southern states of the US, where it is widely found. Passion Flower is state flower of Tennessee. With its large showy flowers it makes a favorite garden ornamental. Passion flower plant is cultivated and harvested for its leaves, stems and flowers, and used fora delicious tea that lends calm and relaxation. Relaxation Tea Blend: Passion flower herb is often combined with other calming herbs in tea blends, including valerian, lavender. lemon balm and hops. It also mixes well with fruits, peels, flowers and berries.

Modern studies have offered some scientific evidence to support these claims, but more research is needed.

ATTENTION! Dream-inducing herbs are inherently bitter. We do our uttermost best to create a well balanced tea blend that also has a pleasant taste, however you simply cannot have an effective dream-inducing tea without the bitter taste. The stronger you brew the tea, the more bitter it will taste, but also the stronger the effects will be. Therefore we recommend experimenting with different steeping times and quantities, in order to find your own personal sweet spot for an effective and pleasant cup of tea, as well as sweetening the tea with a natural sweetener if needed, in case the tea by itself is too bitter tasting for your own personal preferences.


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