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Moga Cha Natural

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Moga is grinned green tea. The difference to Matcha is that the Tencha is not roasted. The tea is raw. Slightly grassy, sweet and hardly bitter. Also in cold a pleasure!

For adults I recommend 2 servings of moga cha daily as multiple studies around moga green powder have found this to be the healthiest serving of moga cha on a daily basis.

Morning and mid-afternoon are generally the best times to enjoy your moga cha, or 30 minutes before your workout if you drink it for weight-loss.

How to prepare:

quantity: 1g per cup

temperature: 70 C o cold

Food pairing: Crepes, lightly flavored seafood or fish dish


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Ingredients: green tea. Region of Origin Japan.


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Moga Cha Natural


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