Loose Leaf Tea Pu Erh Brick organic
  • Loose Leaf Tea Pu Erh Brick organic

Pu Erh Brick Natural


Shu pu Erh ripe pu Erh. After a complex production process lasting about 1,5 months, this tea is pressed into brick form, like Sheng (raw) PuErh, which can continue ripen after pressing. It gains in taste with increasing age. Pu-erh tea is used as medicine. Pu-erh tea is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking. It is also used for high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. Due to its high content of caffeine it give the right kick for the morning

Used as digestive

How to prepare:

quantity: 12 g/l (approx. 3g per cup)

temperature: 95 C

brewing time: 2.5 minutes

Multiple infusion: Pu-erh tea can be steeped (using a small gaiwan or Yixing pot) at least 10-15 times

Food pairing: after a large meal, red meats, stir-frys, oily foods

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Origin: Yunnan province of China

Due to the caffeine content it is not recommended to drink more than 4 cups daily. If you are on medication for high blood pressure or pregnant you should limit the amount of caffeine intake.

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Pu Erh Brick Natural


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