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Honeybush Natural

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Honeybush tea is a naturally sweet tea indigenous to South Africa. It’s caffeine-free with a honey-like aroma and taste.

It has been traditionally used to alleviate respiratory symptoms and symptoms of menopause, as well as aid digestion and support the immune system. However, unfortunately there have been few human studies on the benefits of honeybush tea so far (unlike green, black, white tea) Early research shows its great potential for the treatment of several major diseases.

Tip: Try it as a nighttime routine with a splash of milk, healthy and relaxing

How to prepare:

quantity: 12 - 15 g/l (approx. 4g per cup)

temperature: 100 C

brewing time: 7 to 10 minutes

Multiple infusion: could hold 2

Food pairing: spiced nuts or any desserts with pecans, hazelnuts, chesnuts


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Ingredients: honeybush.

What is honeybush tea?

Honeybush, or Cyclopia spp., is a shrub that grows in the Eastern and Western Cape regions of South Africa.

It’s closely related to rooibos, as both plants belong to the Fabaceae family.

There are about 23 different Cyclopia species. Honeybush tea is made primarily from Cyclopia intermedia.

This woody plant can grow up to 10 feet (3 meters) high. It has pale yellow flowers with a characteristic sweet, honey-like scent and taste, which is where the tea gets its name from.

That said, honeybush tea isn’t just another sweet-tasting tea. It’s also caffeine-free, nutritious, and contains very small amounts of a variety of minerals, including calcium, iron, and zinc, as well as beneficial plant compounds that have antioxidant activity.

You may enjoy a warm cup of this tea as part of your nighttime routine, or pour it into an ice-filled glass to make iced tea.


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Honeybush Natural


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