white organic loose leaf tea China Pai Mu Tan
  • white organic loose leaf tea China Pai Mu Tan

China Pai Mu Tan Natural

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With a soft aroma and flavor this loose leaf tea is pleasant, fresh, aromatic and fruity with no astringency. With a low caffeine content it provides the antioxidant benefits of tea tannins and polyphinols without the stimulating effect of caffeine.

This organic loose leaf tea is suitable for anxiety, stress or nervousness due to its rich content of magnesium, and also due to its low degree of oxidation. It has a calming effects for the nervous system and is the proper tea to help lower cholesterol.

How to prepare:

quantity: 12-15 g/l (approx. 3g per cup)

temperature: 70 C

brewing time: 2 minutes

Food pairing:

Only with the mildest of flavors so as to not miss the sweetness that is so loved in white tea. I would suggest basmati rice, light fish or basic salads. Try it with salty pistachios


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China Pai Mu Tan Natural


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